truthlovebeauty asked:

Dude we're so on the same dial it ain't even funny...

Have you by any chance read "The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis - by Jon Peniel? (if not you can get it free on
It's very similar to the Ra material. what's interesting is that Cayce predicted that a man by the name of Jon Peniel would bring forth this teaching.

Now you probably already know that Wilcock is the reincarnatin of Cayce/Ra-Ta - & that Ra-Ta built the hall of records with Thoth back in the day. Well I suddenly realized that Peniel must be the reincarnation of Thoth - and these two guys have been reincarnating together since the times of Atlantis... food for thought?


Hey sarah, yeah i noticed that we are posting a lot of similarly minded material. are there other tumblr ppl you recommend? 

i have not read that one but i will look into it… i just got a big wave in of stuff bought on the net so i think im laying low on the buying new books for a minute. i got Steven Greer’s Contact: Countdown to Transformation, the classic Invisible Landscape, and the First Earth Battalion Operations Manual, as well as a shipment of Skate liver oil supplements and a bag of hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. 

anyway, the whole reincarnation-atlantis-cayce-gods-thoth… all that stuff is new territory for me. Im definitely interested though. for me the hardest part is reading long stuff on the computer screen! i like reading off of paper way better.